Avast ya scallywags! Drop anchor and prepare to be boarded. There be Lil’ Pirates in these waters!

Amass your perfect crew and craft the finest ship as you set sail for adventure and plunder as the captain of your own pirate vessel. From a modest beginning you’ll transform your ship into an object of fear and envy and amass a fortune fit for a king.

Customize your ship as you see fit from a ghostly galleon to a pink gilded princes to a multi-mast ship of destruction.

Assemble a crew with diverse skills and dress and equip them as you please with more than 100 items.

Recruit friends to the pirate life through Facebook and share the adventure.

Exchange volleys of cannon fire in ship-to-ship combat.

Bury treasure on Treasure Island to increase its worth or plunder a friend's buried loot.

Direct your crew to go on missions and amass more booty.