Q: I can surf online, but Lil’ Pirates says I can’t connect to the internet. What’s the problem?

A: To play, Lil’ Pirates requires you connect to our game server via the internet. If you can’t connect to the server for whatever reason, you’ll get an error message stating that you need to connect to the internet. So in reality, you can connect to the internet, just not our server, so the message is a little inaccurate.

Q: Why can’t I connect to server?

A: There could be several reasons - the server could be busy or it could be down for maintenance. We usually post scheduled maintenance on our Facebook wall, so you can check there for the latest server status. We’re adding new capacity daily so, hopefully the service outages will disappear soon.

Q: Where did my gold, doubloons, item, etc… go?

A: Your Lil’ Pirates game is saved on our server. If you loose something from your game it’s likely that your on device game is out of sync with our server game. These things will generally reconcile on their own in a short time and your most current game state and items will return. If you items don’t return within a few hours please reach out to us at

Q: Will you be adding Game Center in a future update?

A: Yep, we’ll be adding Game Center into the next Lil’ Pirates update.

Q: My account is currently associated with my e-mail account and I want to associate it with my Facebook account. Can I change it?

A: Yes, go under Menu > Friends > Account > Upgrade. Click on the Facebook button and enter your account info. Unfortunately it is not possible to go from a Facebook to an e-mail account at this time.

For any tech support questions please contact