Are you frustrated trying to get the trophies? Do you find yourself wondering where you can get a snow globe from? Well look no further, below is a list of where you can find the treasures you need. Please note that not every mission will return a treasure.


  • Take From Secret Stash (15s, Stealin')
  • Repel Rival Pirates (2m, Protectin') - Malachite
  • Loot Market Stalls (15m, Stealin') - Malachite
  • Ambush Scurvy Dogs (2h, Fightin') - Sea Chart
  • Host a Pirate Party (8h, People) - Malachite, Repair Kit, Pearl
  • Brawl Rabid Dolphins (16h, Fightin') - Malachite, Charm, Sea Chart
  • Get Some Drinks (1d, Gatherin') - Malachite, Charm, Sea Chart

- Battle this area's ship (Cap'n Rednose) - Charm


  • Run Off with Tree Garnish (5m, Stealin') -
  • Snowball Fight over Canal (30m, Fightin') - Snowglobe
  • Collect Bonbon Ingredients (4h, Gatherin') - Nutcracker
  • Escort Carol Singers (12h, Protectin') - Ornament
  • Deliver Presents (1d, People) - Nutcracker, Snow Globe, Red Ornament


  • Help a Poor Bumpkin (5m, People) -
  • Get Sports Equipment (1h, Gatherin') - Cornucopia
  • Amass Delicious Grub (4h, Gatherin') - Golden Turkey, Cornucopia
  • Defeat Gobblemonster! (20h, Fightin') - Golden Turkey, Cornucopia


  • Consume Chocolate (15m, Stealin') - Cupid Arrow
  • Dish out Bonbons (8h, People) - Rose, Cupid Arrow
  • Be Famous Guy's Bodyguard (2d, Protectin') - Cupid Arrow, Heart Gem, Rose
  • Cook Romantic dinner (6h, Protectin') - Heart Gem, Rose
  • Collect Bonbon Ingredients (3h, Stealin') - Cupid Arrow, Rose
  • Fight on a lovers behalf (2h, Fightin') - Cupid Arrow, Heart Gem, Rose


  • Free Turtles from Raft (15m, Protectin') - Pearl
  • Take Parrot for a Trip (1h, Protectin') - Brooch
  • Adopt a Monkey (3h, Gatherin') - Statuette, Ring
  • Sell Liberated Supplies (6h, People) - Sea Chart, Charm
  • Conk Crazed Croc (12h, Fightin') - Onyx, Statuette
  • Catch Fish from Reef (20h, Gatherin') - Pearl, Brooch, Bottle
  • Raid Fishers (2d, Stealin') - Pearl, Brooch, Ring

- Battle this area's ship (Cap'n Alfhild) - Pearl, Brooch, Painting


  • Fight Giant Scorpion (30m, Fightin') - Ring
  • Snitch Buoys (2h, Stealin') - painting, Bottle
  • Tussel with Privateers (4h, Fightin') - Onyx, Bust
  • Defy Local Authority (16h, People) - Ring, Charm, Brooch, Repair Kit
  • Guard Vassal Schooner (1d, Protectin') Onyx, Painting, Statuette
  • Swipe Saffron (10h, Stealin') - Tiger's Eye, Onyx, explosive volley

- Battle this area's Ship (Cap'n Atomisc) - Onyx, Necklace, Tapestry, Tiger Eye


  • Drive Away Fiend Crabs (15m, Protectin') - Tapestry, Explosive Volley
  • Shake Down Floret Trolls (2h, Fightin') - Amethyst
  • Bundle Bouquets (6h, Gatherin') - Tiara, Tapestry
  • Hijack Mercantile Ship (20h, Stealin') - Ruby, Amethyst, Bust
  • Ransom Nobility (3d, People) - Necklace, Pearl, Ruby

- Battle this area's Ship (Cap'n Sadie) - Diamond, Bust, Tiara


  • Help Make Candy Eggs (2h Gatherin') - Brooch
  • Help Bunny Plant Eggs (8h, People) - Easter Egg
  • Patrol Egg Hunt Field (12, Protectin') - Bunny Gem
  • Plunder Baskets (16h, Stealin') - Brooch, Ruined Bunny Gem
  • Hunt for easter eggs (2d, Gatherin') - Easter Egg


  • Rough Up Navy Soldiers (15m, Fightin') - Sword, Molten Rock
  • Nab Five-Spice Powder (30m, Stealin') - Painting
  • Herd Goats (1h, Protectin') - Diamond
  • Pilfer Jeera Rice (4h, Stealin') - Necklace, Tiger Eye, Smokescreen
  • Harvest Myrrh (10h, Gatherin') - Ship, Scepter, Ruby, Explosive Volley
  • Volunteer for Kids (16h, People)- Tiger Eye, Ruby, Painting, Repair Kit
  • Spread Word of Exploits (20h, People)- Bust, Tiara, Crown

- Battle this area's Ship (Cap'n Vaclein) - sword, Scepter


  • Joust with Magma Beast (15m, Fightin') - Emerald, Liquid Lava
  • Make Deal with Barony (6h, Protectin') - Deed, Scepter, smokescreen
  • Tell Tales of Glory (10h, People) -Sword, Crown, Explosive Volley
  • Obtain Valuable Ore (1d, Gatherin') - Emerald, Diamond, Ruby


  • Barter for Biscuits (5m, Gatherin')
  • Rob Mutineers (2hr, Stealin') - Amethyst, Ship, Idol
  • Bail Out Swabby (3hr, Protectin') - Emerald, Necklace
  • Chase Away Gangs (8hr, Protectin') - Crown, Painting, Repair Kit
  • Duel Rival Captain (16hr, Fightin') - Helmet, Bust, Diamond
  • Extort Gems from Locals (2d, People)- Emerald

- Battle this area's Ship (Cap'n Diabolito) - Crown, Ruby


  • Brave the Monster Cave (30m, Fightin') - Ruined Armor
  • Abscond with jerk Spice (1hr, Gatherin') - Deed
  • Distill Potables (8hr, Stealin') - Helmet, sword
  • Smuggle Crabs (12hr, Gatherin') - Emerald, Tapestry, Explosive Volley

Full thanks and appreciation go to Dawn and XeroRestraint who compiled the first half of this list :)